Pyranees via French Motorways

Col de I’lersan was stunning!

It felt as if I was not on this planet when riding through the french alps. The air was fresh, (although less oxygen) the grass greener, and the various smells of nature encapsulate the essence of why I ride. You will not get that in a plane,train, or car ride. You are exposed to the good and bad. It’s a vulnerability that becomes empowering when on a motorcycle and conquering roads that seem less traveled.

I felt a sadness as I woke up, it’s the feeling a motorcyclist gets when he’s rushed! I knew my day was going to be spent on  motorways! 6 1/2 hours of riding through a country, I won’t see! I had no city or destination in mind so I thought I’d get closer to the pyrenees. Toulouse, France popped up on the map as that town.


In a perfect ride I’d have all the time in the world, and probably just for the hell of it I would of gone back through Col De I’Ilersan the other way around.

So this is the part where I tell you, I spoke to no-one, and saw nothing but the motorway! I didn’t even stop to eat. I rode as fast as I could to get to Toulouse. 7 hours later and I breezed through most of France without indulging on so much as a croissant!

When I arrived, the town was bustling! People, cars, and controlled chaos! The architecture was stunning and It perked me up a little. What kind of trouble can I get into here I wondered!?

Toulouse is a bigger city and trying to find a place to sleep is always an adventure when you don’t have anything booked in advanced. As the sun was going down, I tried to find a place to lay my head. Like the last few big cities everything was expensive and booked and I mean booked!!!

Luckily a hotel concierge found me a bnb. An hour inland into the Pyrenees. Castex, France. @ $50! Perfect!!! Chambres d’hôtes La Ferme du Talus

Toulouse to airbnb pyranees

As the sun was going down, I headed through the mountains into these picturesque rolling hills. Its as if there was no end and I could see for Miles, one rolling hill after another. After a wrong turn down a dirt road, I found my way to the bed and breakfast. The sun was providing stunning colors and an amazing backdrop as the house was sitting on top of a hill with 360 degree views.  Ahhh peace in the country!!!

(Pictures are not mine there from their booking site)dav

Pyranees mountains

Pyranees Airbnb

A good nights rest was in order. Rugby in Portugal is calling and I still have a lot of riding to do and only short time to get there! This song was playing in my head, constantly!








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