Austria – Broke down in history

I was at the KTM shop in Bad Ischl, Austria for half the morning. Its a small shop but they are pushing bikes through like crazy.





After multiple discussions the conclusion came down to a loose bolt at the bottom of the bike where the coolant flows through. It apparently was creating communication issues with the computer. This isn’t your dads old BMW. Plenty of mechanical issues can go wrong here.


I am pumped they figured it out. On to Salzburg! Just an hour ride.

Version 2

I arrived in Salzburg and the bike was running fine. Crossing my fingers it will be the rest of the way.

It was a busy city and I was trying to get to the city center, to get my bearings, and see what its all about.

I arrive near the city center and as i look to my right near the hotels, I see a slew of guys carrying guns. Whats this? It freaked me out for a moment, but they were all along the sidewalks. I stopped near the area and could sense something was going on. What was it? They definitely had eyes on me!!!!

I stood around looking for a hotel when all of a sudden a motorcade was flying through town, followed by many mercede’s and limos. In a minute I was surrounded by camera’s flashing from news crews. This is serious!

I asked one of the cameras crews what was happening and they said, the heads of the state Europe, meet in Salzburg every year. He added, If your looking for a hotel you might as well leave the city!…. Great!

I hopped back on the bike and found a hostel, they said they were booked and you’d be better off leaving the city…. AHHHHHH! Then the front desk clerk actually found me one.

Just in the nick of time too, it was getting dark.

Turned out be the perfect Austrian/German style hotel with an awesome view of the city of salzburg, at about $110 for the night!    Hotel Schöne Aussicht



A good nights rest but with all the fuss going on in the city, I yet again felt like moving on! To be in different places every night, two things cross my mind. Am I missing out on seeing something by moving to quickly, that I may never get a chance to see again? Or am I missing out on something ahead of me if I stay in this town? Ha! Sound crazy? Wanting to be, everywhere all the time all at once is a curse 🙂

I decided I would head on and visit the Eagles Nest which was near by. One of Hitler’s compounds. Actually his prized real estate possession. (Eagles Nest) I’ve heard so many world war 2 stories about it being overtaken. The bike was packed and I was off!

Version 2

I arrived at the base of the mountain with many tour buses. You can’t drive or ride your vehicle up to the top. So you have to take a bus to this tunnel which leads you to Hitlers golden elevator.

Ever here of easy company? This series ‘Band of Brothers’ Helped make me understand a little more about Easy companies journey!























To be in places where american military stood and fought was an honor. Eagles nest does not represent Hitler. It represents the men and woman who fought for our freedom.

As evident of a moment outside on the balcony. I was sitting down enjoying a beer and a guy from germany asks to sit down. I said to the guy, isn’t amazing so many years later, here we are an American and German enjoying a beer, and a conversation at the top of a home where we used to be enemy’s!


Easy Company on the balcony of Eagles Nest.


It was a great morning, very inspiring and left feeling pretty good. I hopped back on the camel and headed east with no real destination.

With a smile on my face, the bike riding well, I thought it can’t get better then this…………until the moment my bike just shut down! The Instrument Cluster went dark and the bike died. Luckily I was right at an exit and rolled into a gas station. It was definitely luck.

The thought of Helga in Halstaat went through my mind. But I asked the same question to some girls who were working there. “Can I use your Wifi?” They didn’t have it, but the girl let me use here phone as a hotspot. Luckily I know exactly what to do and which Tow company to call. Of course it didn’t stop them from bringing service vehicle again and not a tow truck.

This time a BMW shop is 30 minutes away! In a town called Kaprun! We arrived just as they were closing. I was able to leave it there and walk down the street to find a hotel. Considering it was a Thursday, the shop was only open one more day. They said they’ll be able to look at it tomorrow.

Once again at the mercy of a shop! When you break down and can’t figure it out yourself, all you have to do is trust. This time at least its a BMW dealer.

I walked up to this beautiful hotel and explained how I broke down. They gave me their condo style rooms for $80 a night.


The Next morning the shop called and said my Generator blew and they won’t be able to work on it until Monday. Turns out I’m stuck in Kaprun. The Service guy says I guess you have two choices, get it fixed! Or get it shipped! Haha, yeah no kidding! Nope this guy is going to make it on two wheels.

Every town has history and all you have to do is some research. I’m excited to be stuck. This town had a strong world war 2 history. As it seems I’m following easy companies route backwards.

So as I spent an amazing weekend enjoying the towns history and outdoor activities. The shop was able to get my bike fixed by Monday morning. I have 1500 miles to get to Lisbon and I’m running out of time. I’m not sure I can keep going through the alps and get there on time. The Rugby tournament will start with or without me, but I’d like to get there when it starts. I just have to get closer. HMMM!? Which way do I go?

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