3 weeks to go!

“The world is big and I want to have good look at it before it get’s dark” – John Muir 


The world

3 weeks away from taking a trip I’v been planning for a few years!

Are you prepared?…You ask! How well do you prepare? It’s a relative word. I apologetically procrastinate on most things. I think it’s because I feel I do well under pressure.

Traveling on a motorcycle across the united states and into Europe requires a certain amount of preparation but,if I told you I had it down would’ve meant I’ve done a trip like this before. Not having all the answers is part of the thrill and having less expectations leaves the door open to amazing opportunities.



2011 BMW 800gs

Getting a new bike was important. I’ve done most of my traveling on my Harley and from the picture at the top you can see I traveled pretty lightly. So having a bike that can carry my stuff for long trips was also important. Not to mention if I see a dirt road I can now take it. Purchased from Chris who owns http://www.tinroofcycleworks.com

 A little prepping!

Trip planning and preparation came from this website: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com

It has a wealth of info for overland travel


Riding in dirt and making sure I tests the bikes abilities! Thanks Rick for the tips.




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